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Thread: attaching pictures

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    attaching pictures

    Can anyone tell me how to attach a picture. I cannot find a way to get a picture on a post besides uploading it some where first.

    Thank you

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    Under the reply text box a little ways down is a button "Manage Attachments"

    Click on that to upload a pic from your computer.
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    Two methods:

    1. If you have the picture on your own computer, then you can attach it using the little paper clip icon at the top of the response window. Choose the "Browse" function, find the photo, and upload. Please try to use photos that are no larger than 700 pixels wide though...

    2. If you are trying to imbed a photo from another website, then do this (all run together with no spaces):


    The url (properties) of the photo you want to embed



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    Thank you both very much!!

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