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Thread: RC plane flying. Fly-by-mouth!

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    RC plane flying. Fly-by-mouth!

    Hi everyone , thought i'd post about my new hobby in the hope there might be others on here with an interest in RC flying.

    Growing up the only thing I ever wanted to be was a pilot but a diving accident when I was 19 put an end to that dream. I'd thought about trying to fly RC planes occasionally over the years, but had never come up with a doable solution to make it work.

    Then a couple of years ago I came across awesome Youtube videos of people flying RC planes in a way called "first person view" (FPV). Which is where you have a camera mounted in the plane with a video transmitter transmitting back to you on the ground, where you view the image either on a monitor or in video goggles.

    I was hooked on the idea and started obsessing on figuring out a way to be able to do it myself. Initially I thought I'd have to use fancy accelerometers attached to my head or something similar but ended up deciding to go low-tech with a relatively simple set up of removing the joysticks from a transmitter, mounting them as close as possible together in a plastic lunchbox, then mounting them on a flexible arm that brought the joysticks up near my mouth.

    I'd spent a large part of my youth playing flight sims and had done a few flying lessons and flown solo, so flying was pretty natural for me. Still had a few more crashes than I'd like early on, but now that they are largely out of the way it's been a whole lot of fun! Must confess that I shed a few tears of joy after the first successful flight, was so happy to get it to work and to do something "physical" for a change.

    So fast forward to now and I've got a room full of planes, have spent a few thousand dollars, have made a few extra friends to go flying with and have achieved the goal of flying FPV!

    I did a lot of googling early on, assuming there must be other quadriplegics out there doing similar things, but couldn't find any. Maybe there might be some on here? Or if not hopefully some might have a go at it after reading my post!

    Anyway check out some pics and videos below!

    Normal line of sight flying (prob need to make it HD to be able to see the plane):

    FPV flight around a local beach:
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    That's so cool man, what a rush!! Good on ya!

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    Very nice!

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    I have that same controller and I watch Flite Test too!
    My plane is a ParkZone Aeronica. I'm building a foam core plane now.

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    Thumbs up fly by mouth

    I would be way interested in this. Especially the fpv system. What products, etc. do you use?

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    Wow, that's fantastic, clever and very resourceful!
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    That's awesome tank, looks like fun!
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    Quads are flying drones! Wow! Really neat.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

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    Do you have a list of parts and or where you can purchase them? That looks like something that I could really get into. Great video by the way.

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    Yeah damn, RC anything is awesome, I'm waiting on a bit of work to fund an RC Tamiya Sand Scorcher (Volkswagen Baja Beetle 1:10 scale) or a 1:10 HPI Drift or Touring car so I can get into the competition side of RC.

    Nice one Tank, I admire you RC flyers, I'm ok with going along on the ground but in the air in 3 way!.

    Fellow Aussie to Tank, g'day mate!
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