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Thread: Cauda equina injury: Diagnosis and Treatment

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    New injury and dx of annular tear to the Rt. at L3-4 and L4-5

    Condition: I'm experiencing extreme Rt. leg weakness, and loss of sphincter tone with the extreme pain upon sitting or standing. Flat on my back is the only position I can handle the pain WITH oral MS and valium and norco and cold packs and E-stim(had to beg for that). The motorist that hit me has really bad insurance and I just started a new job in July (we were also trying to get pregnant when this happened).

    Question: I do go back to my doctor tomorrow, but they seem unconcerned no matter the pain. What are my options for treatment. The accident was 11/23/11. They sent me back to work on all of the meds. And my leg is giving out while I walk to the point I fall unless I catch myself. The longer I'm upright, the worse all of the above get. Help! Options?

    I have been in the medical field for 25 years and feel strangely abandoned by it.


    Ann Bender

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    Ann, you need to see a specialist. A neurologist or neurosurgeon would be best. Have you had an MRI? Other Xrays? Pain may not be able to be treated successfully with other than rest at this point, but if you are having bowel/bladder effects, you need to get the cause looked at. If you have compression of the cauda equina or conus, you may need a surgical intervention. The longer the compression lasts, the less likely that return will occur once the pressure is relieved.


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