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Thread: How old do SCIs get

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    Hey thanks all for the replies, its encouraging to read. Now that I'm over the first year injury despair I'm trying to get back to living and was curious how long I had to make my mark. I fortunately still have my arms and hands so most things I love and want to accomplish can still be done. Thinking about changing my major to biomedical engineering to see if I can help the cause. Hope all of you are doing well or at least the best you can be
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    I turn 37 this year and am feeling great. About 10 years post after an SCI and Brain Injury
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    I am only a very partial quad. my other disabilities will kill me quicker. I expect to be dead from the long term effects of the combination by 65- if I don't die during surgery.

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    Chad is 25 years post (injured at 19) and no plans of kicking the butt anytime soon!
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    I'm 19 years post. T-10 complete at age 17. I'm 36 now and healthier than ever. Taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally is very important to ensure that you live a long happy life.
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    Nice posts in this thread and I dont want to sound like a downer but everyone is talking as if our societal infrastructure does NOT break down in the next 10 years. Will save this for another forum but I do have a degree in social science and some of the models show basic services of our society breaking down in the not too distant future with the aged and disabled being the most effected.

    Having said that live today, we dont know if theres going to be a tomorrow.

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    I'll never admit to being over 25 :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by havok View Post
    So my understanding is roughly 40 years. So a youngin like myself being injuried at age 22 will live to about 62? Obviously complications, care and injury affect it but Maybe some people know some ages people passed away or still alive(and please include the years injuried if possible)? And I only speak from a paraplegic side of view, I understand its different and worse for quads.

    PS: I have a torn upper aorta that they fixed with a graft from my groan. Anyone got numbers on that too I'd be curious
    Whoops, I am 2 years past my sell by date. I am 68 trying for 69 and 42 years post sci, 43 on 6/6/2013. I am T10 and pretty healthy, I am thinking this year is a big hurdle for me as both my parents died at age 68 and my elder sister never saw 60, all from various forms of cancer. I am somewhat worried about my inherited telomeres but enjoy everyday. I am very lucky in that I have been spared chronic pain. Because of prevailing notions re urinary mgt when I was injured, I had TUR and Sphincterotomy early on negating potential for intermittent catheterization. The upside of this is no urinary infections (maybe one per decade). The urinary nurse in rehab instructed me to drink beer for clear urine and I took his advice to heart, lol. After several shoulder injuries I have become a nutjob re shoulder preservation using transfer boards, power driver seat, power beds all the time when possible. I have a burning desire to avoid shoulder surgery and mainly the accompanying need for a nursing home stay for rehab.

    I attribute my longevity with sci and general level of happiness to my wife of 38 years, a wonderful woman and fellow chair user with the patience and wisdom required to deal with an idiot like me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ancientgimp View Post

    I attribute my longevity with sci and general level of happiness to my wife of 38 years, a wonderful woman and fellow chair user with the patience and wisdom required to deal with an idiot like me.
    But you wouldn't even let her beat you in one marathon!

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    "Disabilities Studies"

    A friend has recently made me aware of Disability Studies (and lack of) at the university level. I'm referring to the study of disability issues, similar to "Black Studies", and "Women's Studies", "International Studies", etc. I'm not referring to help the disabled programs like counseling, etc.

    In reading this post and many others it seems that tons of disability issues are neglected for lack of program funding and interested students, both disabled and not.

    I'm sorry to somewhat hijack this, but the subject of longevity, for example, is so important and it seems there may not be current studies on that.

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