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Thread: Any Wheelchair Racers left?

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    I used a race chair for about 13 years and about 100 races, until age 54. They were competitive races but I was recreational level but loved to compete in them.

    Never had shoulder problems until 15 years later, which I attribute to wear and tear from transfers, etc.

    The race chair is so much easier to transport than a handcycle, and great for exercise. Important to get correct fit. An indoor "roller" is nice to have.

    If you do plan to race, suggest you always contact race director to indicate you would like a bit of a head start - if there are no other wheelers or handcyclers, just a few minutes is enough so you don't get tangled up at the start. Also, it helps to make absolutely sure you know the course turns - even drive the course if possible.
    Have fun!

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    jheath, try a larger handpedal. Since I switched to the large size my hands don't go numb.

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    I've got a a borrowed to big for me race chair that I want to start using. Just got it last Spring and wheeled around a track a few miles for a few weeks but then had carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve surgery in the fall. Thinking of breaking it back out now, seems I'm as recovered as i'm going to get. Would love to do some 10k's and half marathons with it and build up to some short triathlons.
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