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Thread: Benadryl and an extra Lyrica to sleep

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    Benadryl and an extra Lyrica to sleep

    My pain varies and it seems every time I find a pattern it changes and leaves me more frustrated. After a few nights in a row of bad pain (I take 50 mg of lyrica and 25 mg of nortriptylene before bed) I tried taking 2 benadryl (which is what is in tylenol pm, an oxycodone and an extra lyrica (I have extra because my dr perscribed 4 a day and I only take 3). After a couple of good nights, I cut out the oxy and still slept.

    So that seems to be consistantly helping me sleep better and when I sleep better I wake up with less pain in general. IDK if it will continue, hope so!

    I also noticed that when my bladder is full, my pain goes up so I'm trying to pay better attention to my schedule.

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    It is amazing that one little pink pill (benadryl) will knock me out. No matter what my pain level I have suffered with insomnia. When I need to sleep Benadryl is my go to drug. I have been very sensitive to sleeping pills, especially Ambien.

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    I'm gonna try to eliminate 1 Benadryl & see if I still sleep.

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    If you are the least bit tired, I would bet that you will.

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    Only Ambien works for me. 10 MG -- over the counter pills tend to increase my heart rate for some reason.
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    My heart rate would be increased too if the FL attorney general office was building a case against me.

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    When I've had trouble sleeping, i've had to take an approach that varies from day to day. Keep in mind I'm just talking general sleeplessness, not due to pain. Ambien worked ok, but not all that great, especially when it came to staying asleep all night. The extended version was still only so-so. Either version might work for a few days, then the effectiveness would diminish. Lunesta overall was the best, but I was very wary of depending on it exclusively as I didn't want to become too dependent or to have it lose effectiveness when I really needed it. Also, if I hadn't taken it for quite awhile I tended to be really sleepy for the first day or two. Sometimes I'd just take an OTC melatonin for a little boost. Benadryl did basically nothing for me. Back in the day when I used to drink a little, I'd have a shot or two of something to help me relax and get to sleep, but that of course left me susceptible to 'middle insomnia', just like Ambien.

    I'd lean on other tactics as well. To this day I don't keep an illuminated clock in the bedroom, I don't want to be able to see the minutes ticking off if I'm sleepless. When I first did that I was surprised at how much that helped. And if it comes down to the point where nothing works, I'll force myself to just lay there quietly. I found that ultimately it's better to get that level of rest than to stay up and read or anything else. Fortunately, that's been pretty rare for me.

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    I hallucinated when taking Ambien. Switched to Restarol and would sleep all night and all day. When I have the need for something , one Benadryl and I sleep well.

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    I Take either Dalmane 30 mg, with 4 mg of Clonazepam or Restoril with Ativan and i still can't sleep this has not happened to me in years when it does it drives me crazy, i had a Doctor give me 300MG sodium Pentobarbital by IV push and recorded me telling jokes well juggling at the nurses station all night. Sent me to a Sleep Pathologist and found out all total i get about 6 minutes of actual sleep the rest of the time my Alpha and delta waves are reversed-I am the Merck manual and what can be wrong with a person just slap a label Ernst's chart on it and bingo you have me, it's pathetic,one person can be so screwed up by genetics that at 44 i have been told i have 6 or less years to live.


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