does anyone have Samsung Galaxy S3 and use alternative access on it like switches (Click to phone, chair controls etc).

I'm looking at the newer S4 with eye tracking and wondering what alternative access is like on android?

I have iphone 4 but am struggling with texting keyboard and can't use voice phone as I'm deaf. I use Proloquo2go text to speech but again struggle with built in keyboard/word prediction page on tiny screen. My speech is not clear enough to use apps such as Siri.

I know there are some similar programs for Android such as Predictable which will be coming to S4 (I asked them).

I was just wondering about stuff like using wheelchair joystick (with bluetooth mouse ability) to navigate smaller menu's/keyboards for texting/email and been able to use the eye tracking for scrolling/pausing video etc. Though I do think with 5" screen I be able to use most of it better than 3.5" screen.