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Thread: Hello My Dear CareCure Family

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    You've been here countless times for all of us Obie, please lean on us.

    And the truth shall set you free.

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    My thoughts are with you & yours, Obie. Sending hugs from afar.

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    I'm so sorry of your loss ob. your posts demonstrate a genuine loving wife and he was blessed to have you as I am sure you feel the same towards him. Prayers to you and your family

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    I am so terribly sorry to hear about Bill. I am glad he passed peacefully but I know how horrible it is for you. I always worry about these uti's with David. He was septic in December and was in the hospital. I hope you know what an encouraging person you have been to me in taking care of my son and I truly hope you continue to stay with us. Please know I am thinking of you and hope you stay strong in order to cope with the following days without Bill.
    DavesMom, Diane

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    so sorry to hear your sad news. I hope he rests in peace, and you know comfort and peace in the days to come.

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    Oh Joyce-I am so sad to read this. We have discussed many times how the trees got our guys and how alike they were.
    It is all so real to me as Dave fighting a uti right now.
    I'm grateful if this had to happen that Bill was home sleeping peacefully.
    That is such a lovely picture.
    Sending much love to my sister to the north.

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    My sympathies to you.

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    I am so very sorry for your loss! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

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    I can't believe what I'm reading; my dear Obi please accept my love and most sincere condolences.

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    so very sorry....

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