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Thread: Hello My Dear CareCure Family

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    a song for you, obie. alan Jackson wrote this for a dear friend.

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    I see in lieu of flowers, donations were requested to the Pilot Mound Millennium Recreation Complex or to the Pilot Mound and District Foundation (Manitoba, Canada).
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    Hello everyone - I've been popping in and out over the past week to read your kind words and they have given me tremendous comfort. It still doesn't seem real - even though we always new it was a possibility - it was still too soon !

    Thank you Lynnifer for posting the directive about donations - Bill was a town Councillor for over 10 years - it kept him interested in the world around him and gave him a chance to serve his community - he loved his little town so much we knew it would have been what he would have wanted. Flowers are always lovely of course but both he and I are very practical people .

    I'll be back again eventually - but before I go I want to impress on all of you to take your uti's seriously - treat them early if you can particularily if any of you are borderline diabetic. Bill never took his diabetes seriously all though he did check his blood regularly. Not having eaten or had much to drink for those 2-3 days was a serious concern and after so many years maybe we both got a little complacent about all the periferary that goes along with sci. Somehow we always seemed to come out the other side even after some pretty serious and lengthy stays in the hospital over the years. I never imagined he would leave us in the quiet of the night at home as he did - but I am thankful for his sake - it went that way !

    I also take comfort in the idea that he is in such good company where ever he's at now and maybe a little jealous that he now knows what we all long to understand about this wondrous frustrating and sometimes cruel life.

    Thank you again - take care and be good to yourselves !

    With love
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    Obie, you and your family are continually in all our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for your beautiful compassionate message, for your kindness and uplifting important words. ((((Obie))))
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    Have been thinking of you constantly Obie and glad you checked in.
    We are currently battling a UTI and with diabetes and on our way back to clinic today.
    I hope you and your family are all doing as well as possible.
    Those lilacs are around the corner.......

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    you know we are all thinking of you, so you go and try to comfort us. Dear lady.
    dear friend.

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    Obie - It is so good to hear from you! I've been thinking about you and your family, with the suddenness of this loss. Those are good words of reminder for all of us! Know that we still hold you in our thoughts and prayers!


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    I am so sorry for your loss!!

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    Not sure what prompted me to check in today, but I did. I'm so sorry to hear this Obie. What a comfort for you that he was peacefully sleeping and didn't wake up. I hope you feel all the love back from the people here that you have given through the years.

    Life will be very different. It's a little freeing and a little unsettling to not be the "caregiver" anymore. Bill will be missed here on earth of course , but there is something joyful about the knowing that he is unburdened now by the chains that bound him here. He will be waiting for you Obie.... all the best and all my love and hugs to you. Hang in there, as I know you will.


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