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Thread: flaccid to spastic?

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    Question flaccid to spastic?

    Whats an indication of converting from completely flaccid to partially spastic? My glutes,toes, calves, hamstrings and dorsiflexion start to move sometimes.

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    Anybody ?

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    Not a long time since you've been injured. Im almost the same time post.....I recommend you to dont block the spasms when they dont inhibite you in your daily life. It started about a half year post in my case and im very happy about that because my muscles dont decrease as much as in a flaccid sci


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    What's your level of injury ? Ooh no I'm not trying to suppress them at all! Just wondering what is the reason of appearance of them.

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    Im a T6 burst fracture. Had a motorcycle accident

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    I'm L1. Also a motorcycle crash. Not sure why with your level you would be flaccid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wesmaister View Post
    I'm L1. Also a motorcycle crash. Not sure why with your level you would be flaccid.
    Well , the docs said that i´d be a flaccid one which I was in rehab but then those spasms which you described developed over the time as I said above....Im happy with it as long as they dont inhibite me in my daily life


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    How's Germany treating ya?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wesmaister View Post
    How's Germany treating ya?
    Well , the surgery was performed very well and fast. Only 2 hours after my accident when I arrived in hospital with the helicopter they did the surgery and decrompressed my cord. But the rest wasnt very well. When it was clear that I dont leave the clinic on my feet they only did wheelchair training with me over and over again......I wanted to stand - - > wheelchair I wanted to use the locomat . . > wheelchair........ kind of frustrating but now I have a standing frame and Im in the pt 5 days a week and try to fight that hopefully someday something comes back! How is Illinois??? I was in Chicago 3 years ago and I loved it!!! Much more beautiful than NYC.


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    So hows the revocery been ? I waited a bit for decompression.

    Weird that you didnt have spasms with your level of injury. I didnt even know if i hurt my cord or my conus or cauda equina. But now I have slow movements in my limbs and sometimes one time "jerk" like movement. So i wonder if anybody had an experience like this. One year of my accident soon.

    Oh man Chicago is awesome. Love every bit of it. Cultural mix. Yeah, Ive visited NYC before my accident and must say those piles of garbage and constant honking would drive me nuts.

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