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Thread: Out of the Blue - Real Sick !

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    Out of the Blue - Real Sick !

    Bill hasn't been able to keep anything down for 2 days now - last night and today was better but it's started up again tonight . He hasn't had anything substantial to eat since Monday - I keep trying to get him to drink whatever he can - water - gator aide ! I think he's dehydrated - there is very little output in his night bag - same for his ileostomy bag ! His vomit is very dark but not coffee grounds !

    He's not running a fever. But it looks like it's the hospital in the morning ! He's on the downside of a uti and was actually feeling better on the weekend - I don't get it. He went from feeling better to not so good in 2 days

    SCI sucks and this is getting old - and so are we !

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    Sorry to hear Obie, how is his blood pressure?
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    Any updates? Hope you guys got checked out by the hospital!
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    Sorry to hear this Obie. Even sorrier that I don't have any suggestions. Just hope Bill starts to feel better soon.

    I had a less than 24 hour bout with something that really knocked me down. Intestinal something with diarrhea. I slept for hours in between caring for the needs of GJ. We got through it, but it was miserable. I couldn't eat or drink anything even though I understand how important it is to stay hydrated during these kinds of events. If it goes on much longer, you need to get him IV hydration. Some doctors will find a way to do that at home, but unfortunately, it usually needs hospitalization.

    NL (GJ's wife and caregiver)

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    Oh Obie-that stinks. Maybe getting a bag of fluids will get things going.
    I hope you don't get it.
    I've got bronchitis and aide's kids puking sick.
    Dave out of hospital for uti and I'm pushing fluids.
    Sending good thoughts north.

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    Sending hugs and prayers!

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    My friend just went through that as well. He ended up in the hospital. Sounds like it is going around. Hoping Bill gets better soon!
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    As dangerous as hospitals are, I'm also advocating iv fluids these days. I couldn't roll over 3 days ago. Umpteen bags of iv fluid later, I'm back about my business, just have to be in the hosp b/c of my iv umbilical cord. Still oozing. Dehydration in major bad juju!

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    Norovirus (stomach flu) has been epidemic this year. They say you'll be sick for only a day or so but in reality most people feel like hell for a few weeks after.

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    It is crazy how quick things come on. Hope a Dr is on the case now.

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