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Thread: urinary tract infections

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    urinary tract infections

    Hello, has anymore heard of the long term problems that can go with being on Macrobid for years. My urologist just informed me my kidneys are likely to stop in 10 years! I have gone back off the macrobid and am dreading the possibility or inevitability of a infection. Doing all the homeopathic things i have read. Please help me with this. Thank you

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    Have you tried Vetericyn bladder instillations. Maybe you haven't seen these threads on this forum. A couple of these threads are very long and involved. If you have questions just ask.

    When you ask a question, please include you level of injury and method of bladder management.

    All the best,

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    my sincere recommendation...get yourself some test strips....(every drug store has them) and get on an alternative treatment. DO IT

    Doctor won't treat "colonization" just "infection." there are LOTS of things you can do to reduce the bacteria ...from cranberry pills to parsley tea. DO IT

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