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Thread: New Wheelchair advice

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    New Wheelchair advice

    Need some input . C4-5 quad injured almost 19 yrs . I have had 3 Invacare power chairs -- 1 each front , mid , and rear wheel drive. My favorite was the front wheel drive due to superior operation in rough terrain . I like to fish.
    I have recently been to seating clinic with DME and they are bad-mouthing Invacare [ motor problems ] . They , however , are pushing either the front wheel Permobil or the Pride Mobility Q6 Edge . I have always heard Invacare was top of the line , are they still ? I want a chair that is dependable as well as suited for me .

    Input please.


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    At the shop I work at, we promote Invacare power. Yes, they have had motor problems, but not near as bad has Pride.

    Permobile would be my second recommendation.

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    I have a Q6 Edge. It gets stuck easily outdoors. I watched the Easter egg hunt from the porch today because the ground was too wet for my chair. Someday, I'd like to have tank wheels.
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