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    For those that TIG weld...

    For those that TIG weld with somewhat limited trunk function and pretty good hands, have you found a better way to control amperage other than using a torch dial? I have to brace myself with my elbows to stabilize my trunk and have pretty decent dexterity in my hands but using a torch dial is somewhat of a pain. Obviously using a foot pedal isn't going to work. I can sew with a foot pedal under my elbow to control power but it's easier than using the foot pedal to TIG because I need my elbows for puddle control to travel. Just wondering if anyone out there has found a better torch dial or modified a foot pedal. I'm using a Weldcraft LS17 torch with a Miller Diversion 180. I'm also an electrical engineer so I'm thinking about taking the foot pedal apart and using the rheostat in another manner, like a squeeze control on the torch. Sort of like a squeeze/pressure sensor mounted on an AR-15 (or the like) that controls lights/lasers. Probably the main problem with this torch dial is that you also have to keep the button pressed simultaneously. So holding down the button and adjusting the dial with my thumb is taking a bit of work. I've tried several finger/hand positions but my torch wonders quite a bit when I'm working both buttons and traveling. Or maybe controlling amperage with the filler rod hand in some manner? Any advice would be much appreciated. I'm really only doing aluminum so I need to back down on the amperage a good bit after I get my puddle started.
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