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    Aside of the day conference, which was very good and informative there was also constructive and good meetings over a three day period, to discuss clinical trials on regeneration on chronic SCI. There were meetings with clinicians from the SCI-units, researchers from UiO and neurosurgeons from the National Hospital (Rikshospitalet). The clinicians are open-minded for new ideas and also professional so they are now looking into the details. As for the neurosurgeons and the way it works over here, there must be some consensus among them for starting trials like this, and that is a good thing because if they comes to a consensus that will be positive for a potential clinical SCI trial. And as it stands now this potential consensus must be worked on by the neurosurgeons, and as for the National Hospital (Oslo University Hospital) approximately 40 neurosurgeons (and that is a lot of neurosurgeons) will have their say before a possible consensus can be achieved. More info will be available later on.
    I admit you are better than I expected in PR.

    If I understand correctly what you are saying the consensum is unlikely to happen soon if ever.. or can you predict a timeline?


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    Hi, consensus simply means discussions for finding the best ways, which is a good thing. And Norwegian SCI clinicians and researchers collaborate very well. Let me explain; in some systems one can have a hospital director and a chief surgeon deciding a route or a path, which can be good just to kickoff something, but such systems will never beat a consensus system if such a system decides on something because then the latter will be 100 % committed, on what is decided. And of course Norway can run clinical trials on SCI; for example do we have some of the best hospitals and neurosurgeons in the world, we have some of the best national SCI-unit systems with lifelong follow up on SCI, we have a national ISCoS dataset based SCI-register, we also have specialist on SCI as for DTI/MRI and SEP/MEP etc., we also have a national SCI organization, and the best part; we don’t have to raise funds since our universal government based health care system will cower trials, SCI included. And as it stands now, this system is discussing the next steps, which is a good thing. For sure anything should be faster, as from a SCI persons point of view, but I think that our system is way ahead of many other countries on discussions on SCI trials for chronic SCI, so I suggest that “we” let the system take the necessary time to come up with the best recommendations and directions, and I can guarantee that all is seriously looking into this. A timeline is of course difficult to predict, but if a positive decision is made based on the last discussions we should expect something in the near future. Anyhow, that is the best answer I can give right now. In the meantime, -push for SCI trials anywhere and everywhere!

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    Excellent news, thanks Leif
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