I have also had the "sitting on the burner" feeling since i was work up from surgery, on really bad days it goes down the backs of my legs and my feet. has been almost 9 years. For a while zanax and norco helped. Not so much anymore. I am now going to Stanford University, have the Chief head of Medicine. He put me on 150mg Oxcarbazepine and by the 29th i will be at 4 pills morning, 4 pills night. Has ordered me naltraxone. I know he's weaning me off the Norco. I was on Dilaudid for a year, stopped the norco, dilaudid did nothing, so back to norco, now will be coming back off. He also wants me to get Delsym, (cough syrup). Will get that today. Supposed to help??
I have Cauda Equina Syndrome because my injury is L-2, and my conus was crushed. Have harrington rods. I have tried so many drugs over the years i have forgotten what they are. So....if any of this works with the Stanford Doctor, i'll pass it along. I have been there twice. Last pain Dr instantly wanted to put in a spinal cord stimultor. I read Care cure and it didnt seem like the answer. He was not happy when i refused it. This new Dr said i'm not a candidate for it. Thank God i didn't get the 40,000 dollar surgery! Ice packs do help some, sometimes. Depends on how bad it is. I empathize with you!