Hi members.
I need to buy a (hoyer) lift, and my insurance is going to pay for it. I am a C6 complete since 1996.
Initially I found this invacare battery powered lift. http://www.home-med-equip.com/patient-lift
Then, I searched this website and found valuable info, but need to ask similar question again.

Which lift is better for quad and why?

Carl R. I know you had Trixie lift by Arjo. Was it really good? Do you still have one? or different one? I saw you mentioned it was about $4000. Do you think it is worth over invacare lift which I can pay less than $2000 from the above webpage? It seems very attractive because it folds up and also we can transfer to a car too.

Liz321, You mentioned a sure hands lift. Can I see the video that you saw? You talked about lift here http://carecure.org/forum/showpost.php?p=30724

Any easy pviot user? Any other lift users?
I will select two lifts and see which lift my insurance can pay for.
I appreciate any input on this topic.

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