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Thread: Suppository just comes out when he gets on commode

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    I use the same method as "jimmyg2727." I never have a problem with the suppository falling out.

    The Magic Bullet suppositories should work faster than regular bisacodyl suppositories like Ducolax. Magic Bullets are water based and melt quicker than bisocodyl suppositories that are vegetable oil based.

    If you want to try Enemeez, there is a good method on this thread:
    Go to the Enemeez website. They have a free sample program.

    All the best,

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    Just ordered some Magic Bullets- they should be here any day... Hopefully they will get us moving in the right direction with the BP here.. It takes way too long

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    I am a recent convert to the Enemeez - it solved a lot of issues for me. Back in the early days of my bowel routine I did have times when the suppository would pop out. That was an indicator of stuff up in there that needed to be pulled out before the little bullet would work properly. Being among the floppy fingered that used the tool to insert the bullet to start with having to try to remove stuff first never worked well for me.

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    c7 quad - complete. Pretty independent. No grasp. etc Good biceps and decent triceps.
    No feeling below nipples (approx)...........

    Enemeez has changed my BP for the better. Extremely better. For 31 years I used bisacodyl and magic bullet suppositories. I discovered Enemeez here and contacted the company. They were very generous and sent me 10 mini-enemas. 1 box of regular and 1 box of Plus.

    I stayed on that shower chair 1hr when i used suppositories (including 15min shower). Results were at least 20% unpredictable and accidents afterwards were common.

    Not anymore. My BP is not a worry/problem anymore. Not since Enemeez. I use Enemeez Plus but the regular worked fine.

    my bp generally starts in bed.......
    1. Digitally clear canal. All this takes (unless ur stuffed) is a check to make sure you don't squirt liquid directly into stool. Just push the crap aside.
    2. Lubricate Enemeez well and shove it as directed.
    3. Either get right up to shower/commode chair or put an extra pad down and wait 5-20min.
    YOU WILL KNOW......If nothing happens, use another one. Something will happen.
    If u get up after insertion make sure your shower bucket has a little toilet paper in bottom, chances are you're bowels r gonna release.
    4. Depending on how stuffed i determine i am, i use either method in 3.
    if im stuffed i stay in bed until completion (10-20 min)
    5. Less time on shower chair and more time taking shower. Wonderful
    6 so far ive used E+ approx. 200 times. Maybe 2 or 3 after BP accidents and as complex as the body is the so-called accidents were prob. due to diet or gas.

    It been life changing ....................YOUR HEMORRHOIDS WILL THANK YOU
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    Whenever I need a little help, I use the fleet glicyern liquid suppositories like these , these work pretty quick as opposed to the waiting of the hard suppositories. Thankfully with akk the fiber I eat, I haven't needed tem lately, although I do have to manually remove everything with a lubed gloved and as it ne'er ever comes out on its own. There's just no function there for me at all, although with these liquid fleet suppositories, it does kind of help it fall out.
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    Wow, thank you all for your insight ! I switched to Magic bullets, and make sure & give him miralax a few times a week (eliminated all stool softeners and anything else bowel related) , and what a huge difference ! Even with the oxycodone that he takes, everything goes fast and easy ! The enemeez also sound good - if we have problems in the future I'll go that route.. THANK YOU !

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    I just looked on the internet in order to compare prices. On average, a Silver Bullet is ~ $.60 each when bought in a box of 100. The Dulcolax brand, though I could only find them in boxes of 28, are a "staggering" $1.25 each. Dulcolax brand, even though they're not as good as the Silver Bullet brand because they're glycerin-based as opposed to water-based, cost over twice as much. That's the best comparison I could come up with.

    Screw Dulcolax!

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    I use the magic bullet also, hop in my chair and insert it then, no lub.
    head to frig, grab soda and head into bathrom, usually smoke a cig and it starts, so maybe 10 minutes from first insertion
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