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Thread: Urological Maintenance everyday drug

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    Urological Maintenance everyday drug

    I need some advice on what you guys and girls take for your urological maintenance pills. I am a L-1 since 1979. I had a very good run on Uroqid Acid, but now that is unavailable. I called the manufacture to find out why, and they said they have raw materials shortage. My Dr gave me the generic for that-Methenam Man, but my stomach can't tolerate that, I was taking 8 pills a day, 2 every 6 hours. We tried Methenam Hip, but my pee got very stinky within 2 weeks. I have been seeing my urologist for 30 yrs, but he does not seem to care anymore, he just treats me for the infection, no new idea, or what kind of maintenance pill will work. I went to Rancho to show the Dr my PET Scan for something else, and I talked to him, and he suggesetd Macrobid 100mg every night. That seems to work, but I do not want to take an antibiotic the rest of my life. The Rancho Dr also suggested I have a Urodynamic Study, and so I am going to have one of those on May to see how my bladder is working. I should mention that I void by strain, I had a bladder neck surgery done in 1981, and were a condom cath.
    So this is my question after all of this, What kind of maintenance pill do you guys or girls take, to keep the leg bad from stinking?

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    There is actually very little evidence that the urinary antiseptics such as you have been taking really do anything to help prevent UTI. Urine and urinary bags are much more likely to be stinky due to diet or certain medications than due to bacteria.

    How are you cleaning your bags??

    You definitely should have urodynamics on a regular basis (every 1-3 years) if you are using reflex voiding, as high pressures can increase your risks for both UTIs and long term kidney damage.


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    SCI Nurse, the only med I take are Lisinopril 20 mg, that and my Macrobid 100mg. When I take a shower in the morning, I wash my bag with bleach, about 600cc per sink full. It stands for 15 mins while I take a shower.

    WOW, after all these years, my urological Dr NEVER told me to take a Uro-dynamic study. Guess it's time to say goodbye to him, and find somebody new. Like I said in my post, I found another Dr at Rancho that suggested this, and I am having it done at UCI. Really not impressed with the Dr their either, he's an old guy like my other urologist from the VA hospital, who told me being on Macrobid was no big deal. I hope I find some answers with the U.D.S.

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    Maintenance antibiotics are never a good thing because of the danger of becoming antibiotic resistant. Back in the day, 30 year ago, when I was injured maintenance antibiotics with Macrodantin/Macrobid was acceptable, but not today.

    How do you manage your bladder? Condom catheter? Intermittent catheterization? Suprapubic catheter?

    Hav your read any of the threads about Vetericyn?

    Here are some threads for you to read and study, then feel free to ask any questions you may have:

    All the best,

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    Quote Originally Posted by gjnl View Post
    How do you manage your bladder? Condom catheter? Intermittent catheterization? Suprapubic catheter?
    As above:
    Quote Originally Posted by dean_1492 View Post
    I should mention that I void by strain, I had a bladder neck surgery done in 1981, and were a condom cath.
    I assume he does not cath, so not sure how you would propose he use the Vetericyn??


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    Yes KLD, I missed that.

    From what he describes, he is likely retaining urine in his baldder even though he passes urine through his condom catheter regularly. Likely, his urodynamics will discover this problem and he may need to begin a program of intermittent catheterization. Information on Vetericyn may be useful then.

    If he does not start managing his bladder with intermittent catheterization and stays on the condom catheter, I have read on these threads that some condom catheter users intermittent cath once or twice a day and Vetericyn could be instilled at those times.

    All the best,

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    MY Uro Dr has always done ultrasounds to see there are any stones etc, about every 2 yrs. and they always estimate the residual. Most of the times they say I have a 15cc left in me.

    I kinda wanted to stop the Macrobid, and use the Hyprex, but I can only last for 7 days, then my bag starts stinking, even after I bleach it every day. I just thought I get have some suggestions or some ideas here. I will wait for my UDS study and see if that tells me, but thanks for your ideas!

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    Re Uroqid Acid #2 FDA ordered it removed

    The medicine did not have FDA approval and it ordered off the market. Go to and complain

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    Does anyone else notice lately after you hit 60 they sorta loose interest in you?......or is it just me?

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    Uroqid acid # 2 maybe coming back see this ad...

    copy and paste, or click this info in web browser addr down the list

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