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Thread: Suppository just comes out when he gets on commode

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    Suppository just comes out when he gets on commode

    hi all. My husband is C6/7 . We've been trying to make his bowel program a little more independent and have him jump on the commode . We use suppositories (haven't had luck without them.)
    But my question is.. We put a suppository in- wait about 20 minutes- he jumps on the commode, and out comes the suppository. Has it already soaked in by then or are we losing whatever it does? Should we be waiting longer- he usually sits there a long while before he goes (if at all)....
    but he says he feels like he has to go- then its just the suppository that comes out.. hmmmm ????

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    Are you using the water based suppositories? They should release enough of the chemical to be effective within 20 minutes. Ry usually passes the "bullet" remains (about half the bullet) in the first wave (15-20 minutes).

    How was he doing his program before? Was he using a commode chair? If he is passing the suppository prematurely because he is transferring to the commode, is it possible to insert the suppository after he transfers?--eak
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    Maybe the suppository is not inserted high enough. There have been times my suppository hasn't melted all the way, but I still have results. Try drinking some hot water while on the toilet that seems to help evacute faster for me.
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    Are you using magic bullets, regular bisacodyl suppositories or Enemeez mini enemas?

    Magic Bullets are water soluble based bisacodyl rather than Ducolax vegetable oil based and work quicker. Enemeez are Docusate Sodium based.

    The key in either use is clearing the rectal vault of stool before inserting the suppository or mini enema. Once the rectal vault is void of stool, the suppository or mini enema can be inserted.

    I am c6/7 complete. My program is:
    Roll to one side and place a disposable pad
    With a lubricated, gloved finger remove all stool in the rectal vault
    With a lubricated, gloved finger insert a suppository
    Roll to my back and wait 10-20 minutes
    Transfer onto a commode chair
    Allow bowels to move with the stimulation of the suppository
    Digital stimulation
    Allow time for bowels to move
    Digital stimulation
    Allow some more time for bowels to move
    Digital stimulation to make sure all stool/and remnants of the suppository are removed.
    Clean up and transfer back into bed.

    Hope this helps.

    All the best,

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    Ya, you've gotta really shove it up there as I remember, been many years since I used them, but it needs to go in far enough to stay put.
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    I would try enemeeze. Works a lot better for me than suppositories.

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    What type of suppository?? With glycerine, this is normal...they do not melt. If you are using bisacodyl suppositories, don't keep them in the refrigerator, and try the Magic Bullet instead of regular (Dulcolax) suppositories (if you can afford them).

    Is he inserting his own suppository?? If so, then Enemeez can be a problem without finger function.


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    We use Dulcolax (bisacodyl ) suppositories ... There is never any stool there when I insert it, and i get it as far as I can (short fingers ... I'm the one who puts it in for now... Before we just did the BP in bed with disposable pads , but he's way tired of this and wants to try the toilet .
    Maybe I'll try the magic bullet? Seems like a lot of people have luck with them would be nice if something worked a little faster also- you know the deal

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    Magic Bullet works best for my husband. I think it is worth the expense and you can comparison shop online.
    Once he is in his commode/shower chair it is inserted-and must be high enough.

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    I have tried both and the Magic Bullet works 100% better and within 20-30 minutes for me. I actually insert it while lying down on my side , then wait 10-15 minutes before transferring onto my bathroom chair . I recommend trying the Magic Bullet

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