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Thread: FES and Baclofen Pump

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    FES and Baclofen Pump

    Does anyone use the fes ubike that has a baclofen pump? Any problems? Our surgeon did not have a good answer regarding use after implant.

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    You should ask in the Exercise section or search if you can. I got yes and no answers years ago. I didn't try it because I'm VA patient.

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    Restorative Therapies

    I spoke directly with restorative therapies and they assured me.there were no contra indicators. Should be no problem....start with 15 minutes at a time to readjust and the setting may need to be reconfigured with the lack of spastic co os legs.

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    I don't see any reason why you couldn't just based on the two factors you gave. However, the settings may need to be readjusted and I would also check with your doc.


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