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Thread: Dr. Wise to advise me

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    Dr. Wise to advise me

    Hi Dr. Wise

    Hope you will be fine. As i told that being L1 patient i have lost feelings of bladder, bowel and sexual function. Recently i did contact to Dr. Kleinbloesem for treatment as i came to know that he is doing stem cell operations in turkey having some wonderful results. Even few patients have been walking.

    For my level of injury he said that there is great chance of my recovery with stem cell operation. Please advise me what i do? Should i go for treatment or still i wait for more results and surity of the treatment?

    If paraplegic patient can walk then my injury is of partial level and i should me hopeful for the success. What is your advise?



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    Jawaid, I don't think that there is enough information to justify going for this treatment. Wise.

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