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Thread: what wheelchair is this

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    what wheelchair is this

    does anybody know what kind of wheelchair this is? I haven't seen one before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jared84 View Post
    does anybody know what kind of wheelchair this is? I haven't seen one before.
    Looks like a standing chair, hinged at the "knee" (and it has tube extensions under the front of the footplate, which is used on a stander to prevent tipping forward). I know that Levo were looking at making one similar to that, but I haven't heard whether it has been put into production yet.

    Being a stander (albeit a lightweight-looking one), it would be heavier than an ultralight, so a vehicle lift would certainly be easier than trying to lift it into the vehicle himself.

    And now Essie has just provided the answer!
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    Hey that is a video of me!

    Its a great chair. I love it. It certainly is heavier than a non standing chair but its quite light for what it can do.

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