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Thread: invacare a4 backrest height Q

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    invacare a4 backrest height Q

    I'm looking at buying a local secondhand invacare A4 (found a good deal, going to check it out before buying). I just wanted a second backup chair for multiple reasons. My only real concern with the specs is the backrest height is pretty low for me. I'm going to test it out and it may work out fine for me for the purpose (I was wanting it for the barn so I wouldn't get my everyday chair all mucked up, and I've just been needing a backup chair in general). But if I don't have the balance or strength for it and like it otherwise, is there anyway to increase the backrest height on this chair? it has a regular soft upholstery backrest on it, no pushhandles.


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    You can change the back height to whatever you want it to be. You just need new backcanes. Order the canes in the height you want and bolt them on.

    Also, most A4 back canes have 4 inches of adjustment. You pick the range when you order the chair. 10-14, 12-16, 14-18 etc

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    I was hoping it had that adjustment, without having to order anything new. I'm glad to hear it has some leeway, even a few extra inches would help. Thanks so much, that's exactly what I needed to know. Of course if its already set at the top number, I'll just be stuck ordering new canes anyway. but it'd be worth it it's a good deal.

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