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Thread: how to deal with liberal hindsight?

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    I had a lot of mixed feelings when I read about Thomas Young. At first he had the drive to keep pushing himself to live and enjoy life. Then a series of further dehabilitating setbacks sent him into a downward spiral in his physical and emotional condition and destroyed his quality of life (in his opinion.)

    I support voluntary euthanasia. I watched someone dear to me die over a long painful year while a brain tumor destroyed her frontal lobes first but didn't kill her until it reached her cerebellum. She felt it was degrading and humiliating, we found it horrifying as her personality disappeared and she finally slipped into a vegetative state for the last months.

    Thomas has, in my belief, the right to end his life on his own terms. I might not were I in his shoes, but I can't say he is wrong. I respect the discipline and dedication he has shown all his life and the way he is using even his death to make a public statement of his beliefs in the hope that the attention will help others.

    I've been on the brink a time or too. I know how hard it was to stay when my own condition deteriorated significantly after I thought I had had at least a semi-succesful rehabilitation.

    But, from what I've read, Thomas came to this decision over time and with the advice of his family. This is not a whim, and he made sure that everyone he loved and cared about understood. His will not be an end that leaves his family bewildered and questioning. This is not a whim in any way.

    I may not agree with him, but I respect him.
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    I wondered who had access to our PM's.
    No one here has access to PMs, including moderators and administrators. Of course we have had a few members who copied PMs they received and posted them on the regular forums, so you should always use discretion about who you send PMs to, and what you say....


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    I have no problems with self termination and believe it will be my own exit. I am no Cheney fan and coming out of intelligence know things that would make your hair stand up, or you would simply dismiss me as a liar or quite insane.

    But I guess I can be troubled by retrospective analysis. Who knew what, when, and what do you do, and when? e.g. the capture of the Enigma Machine from the Germans in WWII and Churchill not stopping a dreadful destruction or two "for the greater good"

    Also, some of my thoughts had to do with how our actions are typically misused to someone else' agenda. And I wonder about the storm may/will cause

    Almost done, as I come close to my own end game, i have become much more introspective of what I did and what it did to me/others etc ...cause and effect and the ripple or butterflly effect.

    Lastly the drug/alcohol addled mind is clearing and quite frankly as I read the first post I am not clear on my full intent.

    But no guilt, few regrets, did the best based on available info to me at the time.

    Oh and KLD, thanks re the PM clarification.


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