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Thread: lcd or plasma tv

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    lcd or plasma tv

    im getting a new tv whats yalls thoughts on lcd and plasma witch one is better my tv is in a well lit room and by a window and some people say plasma gets a glare from to much light
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    LCD Smart Tv ... browse internet via wi-fi on a big screen.
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    you can probably pick up plasma's these days for cheaper because they're older and don't have all the fancy tech that the new led's do... but if all you're using it for is a video source there's nothing wrong with them. They are heavier though. My 50" plasma is 80lb but still excellent after 4 years. I'm not a gamer though, have friends who will never buy plasma again because any graphic left on the display in one place (like a game logo or status bar) will "burn in" and may never go away if severe enough. Lots of movie people like the led's because the blacks are truer, myself never perceived a difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheelin 48 View Post
    im getting a new tv whats yalls thoughts on lcd and plasma witch one is better my tv is in a well lit room and by a window and some people say plasma gets a glare from to much light
    I just purchased a Panasonic plasma TV ($799) for my living room. It has an antiglare screen. My Living room does get a lot of ambient light. Most of my viewing is at night. Since you mentioned that this TV is going in a well lit room, I suggest an LED LCD TV. You can get some great deals at Costco.

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    LED and LCD are two fifferent things. all depends how "high end" you want. top end plasmas(panasonic bought the pioneer elite series) are still the best, next to a top of the line DLP projector. the make cheap ones all across the board and you kinda get what you pay for.

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    I've got a panasonic plasma (3d) tv in my living room and just recently bought a Samsung LED tv for the bedroom, both are 52 inchers. I'd say the plasma looks a little more natural and has better black shades and grey shades. The LED is brighter and I kinda like the colors of it better although not as life like, more synthetic looking. I'd say if it's a decent plasma, go for that one. The other thing was plasma is you don't need all these circuits they use in LED and LCD's for problems with the picture with fast moving motions like when watching football etc. The plasma has a natural very high refresh rate unlike their counterparts.
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    Plasmas still beat LED in picture quality.

    Both Plasma and LED come with the latest tech. Both come in "Smart tv"

    I have the Panasonic TC-P55ST50 in my living room right now. Love it.

    Unless LED can beat Plasma in the future, I'm staying with Plasma.

    *If anyone ever want Picture Settings for this ^ TV. I can send you my setting choices. I nailed them down. And I'm super picky.

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    Plasma TVs – Many people prefer plasmas because they feel they have a more natural look, especially for skin tones. Plasma TVs have also been favored in the past for their ability to deal with rapid changes in color and movement, and they have a reputation for handling fast action sequences well. They do have the equivalent of a very fast refresh rate. Plasma cells change about 1000x faster than LCD pixels. However, most of these advantages have been reduced or nullified by the latest LCD/LED technology.

    Things to consider when comparing with LCD/LED:
    • Current low-cost plasmas are usually cheaper by size than LCDs.
    • Screens don’t last as long when compared to similar quality LCD/LED.
    • Image burn-in was more of a problem with older plasma models, newer designs are better.
    • Heavier and bulkier when compared to the latest LCD/LED.
    • Plasmas use more energy and create more heat.
    LCD TVs – Liquid Crystal Display technology is hardly new, but the latest TV/computer monitor examples have come a long way when compared to old CRT picture tubes. Their pictures are bright and vivid and have very high contrast ratios. This makes them better in rooms with high levels of ambient light, especially daylight. LCDs, however, don’t handle high levels of action well. At 60Hz (the cycle rate of normal AC house current) video action often looks blocky or blurry. For this reason, it is best to use 120Hz or better; although, extreme high rates, above 240Hz, aren’t really worth the extra cost. The higher rates don’t deliver a significant viewing improvement.

    LED TVs – LEDs are really just LCD screens with a LED backlight design. When comparing similar models, LED TVs can produce even brighter pictures and higher levels of contrast than plain old LCD screens. A good LED should also have more control over picture adjustment, giving it a wider range of variation.

    There are really only a few LCD/LED screen manufacturers that all brands use. However, my personal preference is for LED TV models manufactured by Sony, Samsung, or Sharp; and I would stay away from lower tier models like Westinghouse, Polaroid or any of the cheap knock-off brands.

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    Best of the best brands features not withstanding, which is better plasma or LED in a bright sunny room?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nonoise View Post
    Best of the best brands features not withstanding, which is better plasma or LED in a bright sunny room?

    im wondering about the led now too

    i just watch tv im not a big gamer but do have big windows in living room near my tv

    i have a toshiba dlp now and the lamp went out i replaced the lamp and now the stuid thing turns on and off by itself like onwait a few seconds then off then on then off thats why im lookin for a new set
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