For forty years I lived without pain, and now I live with it everyday, I understand how the majority of the population have no clue. It is always interesting to read about pain descriptions etc.. I have the hardest time describing pain.

I'm reading the Steve Jobs Biography by Walter Isaccson. Him of that co-founded the electronic appliance company. When I read this and thought it was worth sharing.

By the beginning of 2008 it was clear to Jobs and his doctors that his cancer was spreading . When they had taken out his pancreatic tumors in 2004, he had the cancer genome partially sequenced. That helped his doctors determine which pathways were broken, and they were treating him with targeted therapies that they thought were most likely to work.

He was also being treated for pain, usually with morphine-based analgesics. One day in February 2008 when Powell's (his wife) close friend Kathryn Smith was staying with them in Palo Alto, she and Jobs took a walk. "He told me that when he feels really bad, he just concentrates on the pain, goes into the pain, and that seems to dissipate it," she recalled. That wasn't exactly true, however. When Jobs was in pain, he let everyone around him know it.