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Thread: Are Side by Side refrigerators accessable?

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    We have a fridge with a pull-out freezer drawer on the bottom. I can get into it no problem.

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    We are two wheelers and last refrig. purchase the best one so far. Freezer drawer on the bottom and one door above. We did not get double doors on top as it appeared we couldn't reach a lot of stuff on top shelves.

    With the one door above, we put light stuff on the top shelf, then grab a long dowel stick I put together with a hook on the end to pull items forward until they drop or we can grab them.
    We place a lot of items in the several shelves in the door and can reach to the top ones.

    Just to the side of the frig. I attached one of those magnetic clasps to hang the reacher.
    Didn't want ice maker. It's easy to make ice cubes with bottom freezer.

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    Ok do you wanna splurge or do wanna really splurge?.

    You can get a fitted under counter fridge and or freezer drawer system. But I bet you will be paying double what you would on a big side by side job. If money were no object i would have one of these fitted beauties in my house, you could roll up beside it and pull it out and get at everything.
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    I ended up opting for the side by side .. It works pretty well for us, though of coarse the thing is about 9 feet tall and there are things on the top he can't reach. I like it though- The doors have space for Gallon Jugs, so I put his juice & protein shakes in there and he can get to them easily.. I just put the things he needs to get to on the lower shelves & it has worked out well. He loves that he can get into the freezer now too. The skinnier doors are way easier to work ..

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    i injured c/3,4,5,6 and i am doing a complete home remodel for accessibility and i bought a wall-mount/countertop mount refrigerator. it has sliding glass doors and it's almost 2' deep, they are about 2' tall and come in 3'/4'/5'/6' widths(mine is 3' and stores enough for 2 people that shop weekly). this is a commercial unit that is often called a pie display case. i like it because i can get underneath and pull items out on my lap or the counter. they make a freezer unit too. you may have to reconfiguire your kitchen layout but that might be worth the independence.

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    Side-by-side works fine. Need to watch how far doors actually open and how far away you would be to counter. Other thing with side-by-side may not have anything stable to hold onto when dor is open. You can only move wc in so close. I would not suggest using door as something to maintain your stability.

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    I got a new fridge recently- the freezer on the bottom which is fantastic and the top has french doors. Everyone is right, the top shelf is pretty much inaccessible when you are sitting in a w/c. I solved that problem by getting a back scratcher to 'hook' what I want and pull it to the front. Works great!
    this is the one I bought:

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    side by side for 16 years top is stocked by care giver bottom half what I can get if I need something I have list for her

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    I have the unit with the freezer at the bottom - a large drawer that pulls out. That part is totally reachable, with an upper bin in it that you can pull out to reach frozen stuff in the back. The top part of refrigerator is one door. We are both wheelers and he can reach the front of the top shelf for stuff he uses. I have placed a magnetic clip at the outside of the fridge right near the door handle, and made a reacher - a wooden dowel, about 30" long, with a good sized hook screwed into one end. I put a hole in the opposite end of the dowel and put a plastic cinch tie loop through it then store it over the magnetic clip. Use it daily to reach items on top or in the rear of the other shelves.

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    We have an older side by side. Works okay. can only reach about half way back on top shelf of the fridge and can't reach into the icemaker bin when it jams up--have to pull it out.

    The newer side by sides and the ones with the double fridge doors and freezer drawer would be a nightmare. They are much deeper and , most of them, I would only be able to reach about half of the available space.

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