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Thread: Accessible Tiny Homes

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    Accessible Tiny Homes

    This is a resource for more information about wheelchair accessible tiny homes that those interested may find helpful:

    Here is the site for a company specializing in "granny flat" housing which also is related to this:


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    You can get inside, but can you turn around?

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    Here is a company making accessible tiny home "granny flats". Bedroom, living, and bathroom, but no kitchen. Designed to be attached to family home for someone transitioning from rehab to community living when their family home is not fully accessible:

    The Wheelpad:


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    i would not have a tiny house i would do a small house about 400 to 600 sq feet if i had to be mobile a toy trailor would work

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    I agree, about 400 ft for two people a cat and a giant dog, however I still am dreaming about my tiny art studio. stairs on this one I could not get down with no rails, but I really like this guys stuff.

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    It would make much more sense to eliminate the need for a wheelchair inside the tiny home (or motorhome for that matter) Leaving enough space to actually maneuver a wheelchair kind of defeats the purpose and efficiency of the tiny homes. It would be relatively easy to design either a powered or manual lift system which would function kinda like a gantry crane. Just leave your chair at the door.

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