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Thread: Myrtle Beach vs. Hilton Head question

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    Myrtle Beach vs. Hilton Head question

    I'm headed to the Carolina's... going to stop by Charlotte then head for the coast. I don't need any help with Charlotte.
    I've google searched the carecure website, but I'd still like to get more people's impressions of0 Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head. I'm planning on staying in a hotel, so accessible condos/rentals aren't a huge concern. I'm mostly interested in general impressions of the two places, hotel recommendations if you've got them plus any activities you might suggest.

    from what I can tell based on google, the two areas seem equally accessible... is that accurate?

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    If you want a part and lots of activities, Myrtle Beach might be right up your alley. However, it is spring break season and there will be a lot of loud and drunk kids filling up the hotels.

    Hilton Head is a bit more upscale and a lot quieter.

    Both places can be nightmares to park in. If you find a hotel with access to the attractions you are interested in, you will save yourself a lot of stress.
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    We stayed at Myrtle beach resorts in the rennisance tower. They had a live band out on the quarter deck every night! wasn't too bad but I ike Florida better!!!

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    I remember calling Hilton Head a few years back and they told me they were not accessible at all???
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    Hilton Head is quietness and relaxation. Myrtle beach is activities and entertainment. My wife and I have spent a good many weekends escaping to Hilton Head to relax. It is very accessible. Myrtle beach is pretty good too, but more crowded. That makes handicapped parking a bit more difficult to find. April 15-21 will be crowded at Hilton Head because of the Heritage-Royal Bank of Canada golf tournament.
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    I've been to Myrtle beach twice since being in a chair and by mistake one of the times was during bike week. I like motocycle's but one can only put up with that sound so much. I prefer the Georgia coast or Florida any day.

    IMO, Myrtle beach is redneck heaven!
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    Hilton Head.

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