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Thread: Tiphany Adams, feisty, wanna-be model, star of Push Girls

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    Tiphany Adams, feisty, wanna-be model, star of Push Girls

    Thought I'd share some videos of the always fun, sometimes controversial Tiphany Adams, a T12 paraplegic and one of the stars on the reality show Push Girls.

    She's about 28 now and I had a chance to meet her a few yrs ago, and damn, she is FUN. Anywhos, if you're interested in knowing more about her (she's from Lodi, Cali), here's my blog post oh her (with a few cool videos, including one showing her working the red carpet):
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    Just want her abs. Damn, incomp T12.
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    I know!!! But I got over my para envy awhile ago. I figured, well they still can't walk just like
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