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Thread: About our friend Judy/GL

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    I'am at a loss for words. I always loved her positive posts and she definitely was a genuine person. Thank you for your knowledgeable contribution gypsy lady. You helped many here RIP!!!

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    She was a very inclusive person and I'm sorry to hear she has moved on.
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    Sorry to hear that she has passed. She was always pleasant to interact with and will be missed.
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    She was one of the most positive presences on CC. Gone too soon.

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    I am never on this forum anymore, but finding out that GL has passed made me want to express my deepest sympathies to everyone who knew her, and most of all to her family. Judy was a light shining brightly. She was always gentle and kind. In the years I was involved at this site I never remember Judy being anything other than warm, supportive, down to earth, and accepting of all things thrown her way. The loss of her presence in the world is very sad. I suspect that she is teaching the angels a few things about kindness and empathy, as she had both in huge supply. Rest in peace Judy.

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    I dont post much but I do lurrk and learn. I loved reading her posts about her love of books. She truly was special. Sincere condolences to her family and friends.

    BTW Eileen, I miss your input on these boards. I always learned a lot from you!
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    A bright, knowledgeable woman with a nice disposition and a quirky sense of humor. She will be missed. My sincere sympathies to her friends and family.

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    This loss hits hard for me, for all of us. She was full of love and life and had a knack for making one see from a different perspective. Hopefully her injuries and pain are gone forever. We grieve because we're selfish; I'm sure Judy wouldn't want us to feel sad. But we do.
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    This is very sad news, I have missed her kind posts and sense of humor.

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    Sorry to hear the news, always enjoyed her comments
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