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Thread: About our friend Judy/GL

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    ...she is probably running in a nice place somewhere..

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    Oh, no! I always liked working with her, and she put in a lot of time above and beyond duties as a moderator...often working through the night. I did not know she was ill...she is already missed here enormously. I will keep her in my prayers and thoughts. I will let the other SCI-Nurses know as well.


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    I'm so sorry to hear this. I last heard from her by PM earlier this year thanking me for the Xmas card I sent ... I had wondered where she was.

    I'm sorry to hear this, but happy she is free of a broken body. What happened, I wonder?

    My condolences to her family. She tried to be the Peacekeeper here.
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    My condolences to family and friends.

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    Judy was a gentle soul. She was a good person. She had a kind heart. She made the world a more interesting place. She will be missed.
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    Forever the Peacemaker

    My deepest sympathy to Judy's family and her life partner. Judy was a positive support, working long hours on the boards to keep it spam free. Boy did the spammers upset her.
    Gentle, kind, supportive and her posts were of someone who was always smiling. I knew she had the flu back in January, same time I did and it knocked her down hard.
    Ride hard, run free and dance away the night Judy. May you rest in peace.
    If you cross paths with Dogger, hug him for me.
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    Rest in peace Judy. I'll miss you.

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    Oh no. I was just thinking of her a couple days ago.
    She was always so nice to me and always asked me to say hello to my husband Dave.
    I especially appreciated her humor and genuine kindness.

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    So sorry to hear this. I too had wondered where she had been. RIP Judy.

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    She was very kind and I always enjoyed her posts. So sorry to hear.
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