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Thread: New Technical Article by Sergio Canavero M.D.

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    New Technical Article by Sergio Canavero M.D.

    Dr. Canavero, one of the commentators to has published an interesting new article on Central Pain which can be found at:

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    Alas, there is no hope,

    Thanks Dej. do you have access to JAMA I'd like to see the study they did on Ziconotide JAMA 2004 reference 57 at end of article, I can only see that there has also been differing opinions and some other comments through google but cant see much actual info.

    I know it is scary but not much beyond that


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    I SO want to learn from these studies, but alas! My non-scientific language brain can't understand the basics that the article is saying...

    Any translators here?

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