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    Even at less than a year post-injury, I'm highly skeptical of these "potential cures." I agree with Buck--it's important to reserve a healthy dose of optimism when there's so much buzz about stem cell treatments, the best chance for recovery for people with SCI.

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    [quote=Buck_Nastier]I would be in denial of a cure too, if I had been injured 15 or more
    years before stem cell was being thought of as a potential cure.

    I'm not knocking any of the older injured folks, I have so much respect
    for those who have made it that long.

    But you have to have some optimism when you hear so much about
    stem cell research in the news and in politics.[/quote
    I guess you have a valid point there, Buck. I suppose I just needed to vent a bit. I feel better already.

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    Again, Dr. James L. Oschman's viewpoints would be interesting & helpful

    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Young
    seneca, I agree with you. The claims that lasers have improved walking recovery in animal studies are still very controversial. I am skeptical of much of the work that has been reported, particularly on low powered lasers. Here are some abstracts of studies published over the past half dozen years on the subject.

    Dr. Young,

    Hate to keep beating the same drum, but here again...Dr. James L. Oschman's (author of Energy Medicine: the scientific basis & Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance) viewpoints on the subject of lasers may be of interest to all. He along with Dr. Jeff Spencer (Lance Armstrong's Chiropractor) put on seminars for the Erchonia Laser company for professionals. His current endeavors have kept him cutting edge, as a global researcher & lecturer-and published author. His message has been that "less is more" in the realm of human energetics. I think he would agree with Dr. Anders that we are light beings, although do not confuse that statement as being less than scientific. Dr. Oschman stays very mainstream in his viewpoints and cautions that there are many electro-therapeutic devices (he calls them gizmos) in use that no one knows what the long term effects may be or how safe they really are. Sure wish you'd read his books...


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