It took me almost three years to be approved, and I had waited almost two years after working before I applied because I had no medical history. I had the original diagnosis for messed up lower back and that was it. LOL None of us knew I had fractured my neck at some time in my life and that was the culprit! With no health insurance, it was'nt until 2006 I was diagnosed with this and I applied in 2005 for ssdi. I was'nt approved until 2008 for ssdi. Someone had forgotten to send my surgery records to the ssdi I was there for the court hearing before it was approved. The judge approved it the day we were in court. Normally you have to wait for the decision to come in the mail. But, I guess someone foobarred on my stuff.....go figure. I had a lawyer. Got him after I was denied the first time. All he was good for was to gather medical records and I still had to fill out my own forms for ssdi. He evidently was'nt much good at getting the medical records to them either! But, he sure got the max allowed for payment! But, you sign that option away when you hire them. His money came straight from the ss office.....and I got the rest. I think they have you over a rock and a hard place when it comes to getting a lawyer. He did go to court with me, and I had to say very little. I don't know why I was even so worried about it! Now, I wonder what would have happened if I had gathered my own medical records and gone without him! I suppose it's better with a lawyer, and I'm sure many are'nt as lazy as mine was.

They are right, she should'nt be working. I would check with a lawyer to see what they say about it. I'm sure you could see one for advice at no charge. They could tell you what to gather and keep in a file. I made a copy of everything I sent them. You'll want to be consistent in filling out the forms. And you will get a repeat of them on a few occasions. I think I filled them out at least three times.....maybe's hard to remember now. But it is wise to keep the file of all that is going on.

I was sent to a ssdi doctor that found problems, but not enough to receive ssdi. That did'nt surprise me, even though the first time I saw a doctor on my own for the problem, he knew it was my neck before the exam. I thought he was crazy.....I knew my problems and pain were in my lower back. But hidden in my neck was a crushed spinal cord making me lose my ability to balance and walk. I was just beginning to have neuropathy in my feet, and after the neck surgery that went full blown 24/7. Not much fun. By the time I went for the court hearing, the pain bothered me more than the paralysis. I don't envy anyone that has to apply for ssdi.