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Thread: 'Dump' question :-)

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    'Dump' question :-)

    Nearly 1 year ago I purchased my ZR2 with 16' rear -19' front (3 inches dump). I decided to go with it cause i was feeling that I was needing it (coming from a 1.5' dump from my previous Quickie which was apparently too little) and that it was not extremely big dump, sort of an ideal solution.
    Nevertheless, during all this period I was exercising a lot (mainly swimming) and I feel more solid with the trunk and lumbar region right now (T10-T11, Asia A)..but here is the problem: now I feel this 3' inches dump that it's way too much and lately I am starting to have pain on my back cause i feel I am sitting somehow 'sucked' into the ('deep down angle' of the) chair. Well, needless to mention that I have a ZR and dump is fixed, so...any suggestions?
    a) I have some (but only a couple of) cm's to bring down the footrest towards the ground if this will make some of the trick.
    b) I have a Varilite Evolution cushion and I was thinking to purchase a wedge and make it fix on the seat upholstery so as to earn back some cm's, but can't think something other than that.

    Feel free to comment :-)

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    Congrats on the hard work, it definitly pays off. T10/11 have their lower core so yea, less dump is a good idea. Also lowering the back will hep a lot and give you much more freedom in the chair.

    The wedge is a good idea as it will give you and idea of how much dump to have. I ususally make my own wedges with a hard green foam.

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    If your running 24" tires you could try moving up to 25's

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    That would throw off his front caster angle CB. ZR's don't have a front adjsutable caster angle.

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    Thank you for the tips!

    Patrick I think I will stick on the wedge idea for now, btw I have already lowered my back at max (and its a 8.5' - 11.5' range), If I will need to lower it even more I must cut the titanium tubes, but its pretty low already.
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    ReArkou – since we are torso-fit ZR Cousins, just a thought: your original back angle was set 89º. Have you tried easing out to, say, 92º?

    (FYI – my 25" tire/fsh 19"/rsh16.5"/92º works fine w/ originally-set 14" back fully lowered to 12".)

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    I would also go with the wedge. Look up chasmengr's posts on his homemade ergo seat, and replicate that with foam. (or wood if you didn't mind the weight)
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    You could try using smaller casters, say 3" soft rolls. Yes, that will throw off your caster barrel angle slightly but chances are you'd never notice a problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Lin View Post
    I would also go with the wedge. Look up chasmengr's posts on his homemade ergo seat, and replicate that with foam. (or wood if you didn't mind the weight)
    The thread which contains the post about my homemade ergo seat.
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    Thank you all

    At this point i think the wedge is the way to go (dunno if SCI_OTR is against that :-), something like chasmengr 's but i would prefer lightweight foam.

    Stephen212, I 'm on 4x1' (performance bilet aluminium)soft rolls, and the roads are pretty tought here even for it, going with 3' 's would be a disaster :-(. I am only thinking to replace them with the new Tilite LiteSpeeds 4x1.5' for better stability (make me question now if i can keep my billet aluminiums or I must purchase the whole casters again with the 1.5' wheels).

    I might lower a couple of cm's the footrest as well
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