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Thread: 'Dump' question :-)

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    'Dump' question :-)

    Nearly 1 year ago I purchased my ZR2 with 16' rear -19' front (3 inches dump). I decided to go with it cause i was feeling that I was needing it (coming from a 1.5' dump from my previous Quickie which was apparently too little) and that it was not extremely big dump, sort of an ideal solution.
    Nevertheless, during all this period I was exercising a lot (mainly swimming) and I feel more solid with the trunk and lumbar region right now (T10-T11, Asia A)..but here is the problem: now I feel this 3' inches dump that it's way too much and lately I am starting to have pain on my back cause i feel I am sitting somehow 'sucked' into the ('deep down angle' of the) chair. Well, needless to mention that I have a ZR and dump is fixed, so...any suggestions?
    a) I have some (but only a couple of) cm's to bring down the footrest towards the ground if this will make some of the trick.
    b) I have a Varilite Evolution cushion and I was thinking to purchase a wedge and make it fix on the seat upholstery so as to earn back some cm's, but can't think something other than that.

    Feel free to comment :-)

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