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Thread: good place to buy caths?

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    good place to buy caths?

    Hi guys,

    I know I haven't been here in forever due to school, but I could use some help. My new urologist wants me to start using hydrophilic caths to see if we can stop the never ending UTI's I've had ever since I was paralyzed 17 years ago.

    I'm a t9/t10 para who is not home very often so I need something easy to carry and use in a hurry. Any suggestions for what to use and a good place to buy them out of pocket? I'm kinda looking at Lofric primo. Is that a good one? I tried the speedicath compact a while back and I wasn't all that impressed with them.


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    I use the Coloplast SureCath hydrophyllic when I'm out and about. It's a bag cath with a little water container inside, just twist the cap off it and it lubes the cath, then rip the top off the bag to expose the cath. Ready to go in a few seconds and super slippery.

    oh, didn't notice out of pocket, these are kinda expensive. But the single Coloplast "SelfCath Plus" hydro's are a good bet too. So far, the best OOP prices I've seen, and use, is this place:

    The owner posts on CC too, can't think of his handle at the moment.
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    Thanks McDuff!

    I saw these and might be able to get by paying out of pocket.
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    I travel a lot and the best catheter I have found is Pocket packs by MTG. I obtain all my supplies from Steve at summit express. I have never had one leak, there small compact and come with everything. Less than half the size of a regular catheter pack. His number is 888-269-6605. Email I have been with them for the last few years and there great! No hassles, no insurance problems and they work with you.
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    Sorry for the long delay but ....Thanks for the replies! I've been having internet problems and exams at school to take.

    I'll give these suppliers a call sometime in the near future.

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