I found this extremely interesting, Dr Wahl a medical Doctor is claiming she has completely reveresd her MS by changing her diet and using neorostimulation. There are a number of videos on this link where she explains which are well worth a look in my opinion and may be valid not only for MS sufferers, part of her strategy was to repair the myelin sheath.
Dr Terry Wahls is a medical doctor who was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis in 2000. By 2003 it was reclassified as secondary progressive MS. This typically responds poorly to treatment. Dr Wahls had access to the very best care and drug treatments available, and continued to deteriorate. She was told that any function lost as the disease progressed would never return.

By 2003 Dr Wahls needed a cane to walk and shortly after needed a wheelchair most of the time. At this point she started researching why her body was failing and what she could do about it.