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Thread: Velcro Rapid Strap!

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    Velcro Rapid Strap!

    I have an older iPhone 4 that's fastened to my armrest with one of these. The Velcro strap is partially elastic and has become all stretched out. I came across this "Velcro Rapid Strap" stuff and it's pretty slick because you can easily make any size strap with a D ring on one end and the Velcro hook material on the other without any sewing. The strap material is made with the soft Velcro material and the ends fasten to both sides of the strap with the hook style Velcro. It doesn't sound like much, but it holds surprisingly well and as versatile. I Googled "Velcro Rapid Strap" and here are some of the results which may give you a better idea of what it is.

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    Brilliant! Thanks for posting this. Especially in summer, I find it difficult to carry my smartphone without adequate pockets. This is a clever alternative.

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    You can find them cheaper if you search under wire and cable ties.

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