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Thread: Freaking bedside drainage bags...

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    Freaking bedside drainage bags...

    I use these at night to catch my 3000cc of pee. I use a BARD 4000cc dealio and lay it on the floor. I have noticed there is a "port" or some crap in the upper left hand corner with what looks to be a cotton pad in it. I do not hang the bag and I never have-- it rests on the floor and does fine. Lately, it seems the little square area is leaking urine on the floor (even new bags). The Hell? I've had my SP tube since 97, so I know all the rules of the game well. Anyone know what this little thing is for and could I order bags without it? It's like an air inlet or something I guess. I can post a pic. if needed, but I figured some peeps might know what I am dealing with here. The bags aren't torn anywhere or anything. Thanks!

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    I think you got it right. A carb. I had the same problem with my in-line carb on the leg bags.

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    Bard makes a lot of urinary drainage bags. It would help to know the item number or name of the one you are referring to.


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    Originally posted by SCI-Nurse:

    Bard makes a lot of urinary drainage bags. It would help to know the item number or name of the one you are referring to.

    BAR153509 (4000ml). Probably fairly standard. No valve, so I'm careful not to let the pee back up in the tubing or it will literally shoot a pee stream. I've been using BARD bags forever.

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    This is a air inlet. It is designed to prevent the development of negative pressure inside the bag, which can cause problems with drainage or even "bladder hickies" from the catheter being sucked up against your bladder wall. It is designed with a filter to prevent bacteria from entering.

    If the filter gets wet (like when you lay it on the floor to drain) this kills the effectiveness of the filter, and not only will cause leakage but will make the filter unable to prevent the passage of bacteria through it.

    There are other brands of large volume urine bags. Medline used to make a 4000cc. bag, although it did not last as long as the Bard bags in my experience.


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    I have had problems in the past with leaking night drainage bags. After one leak the urine had taken the finnish off my hard wood floor. The solution I came up with was to purchase a nice sized plastic bucket at the dollar store and hang the bag so it is in the bucket, if it breaks or leaks it's in the bucket....

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