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Thread: keystroke substitutes

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    keystroke substitutes

    I'm having trouble with two finger commands. I've learned that holding down the left mouse key lets you activate the mouse fr one hand use. Is there a way t lock the ctrl and alt key?

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    not sure that can be an answer, but…
    I'm a mac user, and you can, in your case, use the auto-lock keys. Then some of your keys (fn, ctrl, alt and cmd) are locked one time, and unlocked after one tap. It works great !
    I think you can do that on a PC but I don't know how.
    On Mac, go to system preference, universal access, then keyboard and auto-lock keys.
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    there is a utility program available in all windows versions and it's named stiky keys. you can enable it from control panel or by pressing 5 times, the SHIFT key.

    In control panel, a lot of useful utilities can be found in Accesibilty section. In Win7 this section is named: Ease of Access Center.

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