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Thread: t12 bone burst and terrified

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    Chris- I am T12 L1 dislocation. My return followed along similiar to Shveddy. It appears you are well into it. Ankles could be touchy. I still don't have much on the left side. I walk most of the time with crutches and am able to get around pretty well unassisted, but not well enough to go at it full time.

    As for bladder. I can strain and empty when it isn't convenient to cath but I still cath at least half of the time. Honestly, the easiest way to fuck up your recovery is to end up in the hospital with some type of bladder/kidney infection. This is easily avoided by a regular cathing schedule. Sucks but why sweat it?

    Sexually I can get an erection and ejaculate but my wiring is screwy so it isn't like normal whatsoever. Whatever. I can still eat p...y, ski, and surf. The rest is gravy.

    Good luck and never let up!

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    Right on man! This ain't gonna be so bad. If I can just get off my ass and drive I'll be aight. If you can surf I can eat so hell yeah to the rest bein gravy! I just don't know how I started out good on the erections and lost it? Maybe I'm sweating it and psych in myself out. Thought we were gaining things not losin em. Screw it I'm askin for viagra. I can't feel it but wanna do it for her ya know?

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    At 2 months I could not move anything against gravity. You should be stoked and will get better. I surf on my knees right now, but ski on my feet.

    The sexual stuff is probably the most frustrating for me because I have everything but it is all srewy becuase of my faulty wiring. Sucks to be one of the rare ones at T12 to have function there but have it be whacky. As I said whatever. I have gotten so much back I can't complain for sure.

    As I said- don't sweat the cathing. Getting sick will put a damper on your recovery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris74 View Post
    I'm 2 months post injury and am still missing all of my sacral segments. Is it possible for them or at least some of them to still come back? I can move my hips, front of my thighs and knees but not my ankles or toes. Can't even feel my feet. I can tell when I have to pee but can't hold it and when I go its only around 100ml. Does having this much this early mean I might get more?
    My injury was very similar, and I highly recommend taking time and letting this heal. I couldn't move legs for 8 month or so - only wiggle feet, but now I can walk up to 2 miles. I still cath, and I expect I will for some time. Take your time and stay positive!

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    I got my brace off!! Now back to rehab starting on the 27th. Staying positive, especially knowing y'all get so much back farther down the road. Can't wait to start leg braces!!! My backbone is healed so I'm ready to get with it. Gotta get up!!!

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    But is it common that every time I cath I get between 200 and 300ml? The more I drink the more I pee but can't completely void, always leaves 300ml or so. I don't feel like its a spastic bladder cause the less I drink (like in the evening) the longer I go without that 'gotta go' feeling. It just don't seem like its random like spasms. More like when it gets over 300ml my bladder sends a signal saying hey I'm full, but then I can only pee out what's over the 300ml. And actually lately I've been cathing out only like 2 or 250ml. Is this spastic symptoms or is my bladder trying to work??

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    The only way to really know how your bladder is performing neurologically is to have urodynamics done, and the results interpreted by a knowledgeable and experience neurologic urologist.


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    Ok thanks

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    Chris- Are you straining to void? Or is it more natural? Urodynamic testing to my knowledge gives you an idea of what the pressures are at different volumes. Not sure it is intended to predict or measure return of bladder sphincter function. I may be wrong.

    When I am full and feel a strong sensation that I have to pee I can urinate but still have to strain to empty. I think when you are able to relax and pee then things may be returning. If you have to strain you are probably forcing yourself to leak. Urodynamic may be able to let you know if this straining is safe or not.

    If you are not emptying, then cathing would be wise. It is not good to have urine sitting around your bladder too long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MFlounlacker View Post
    Chris- Are you straining to void? Or is it more natural? Urodynamic testing to my knowledge gives you an idea of what the pressures are at different volumes. Not sure it is intended to predict or measure return of bladder sphincter function.
    For people with SCI, proper urodynamics studies should combine a cystometrogram (CMG) which measures bladder pressures, contraction timing, bladder capacity, and voluntary control of the detrussor (bladder muscle) plus an external sphincter EMG to measure electrical activity of the sphincter. Done properly, it can determine if the person can voluntarily control the opening and closing of the sphincter, as well as any spasticity of the sphincter muscle.


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