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Thread: t12 bone burst and terrified

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    It is not safe to hold as much as 1000 ml. in your bladder. You should never allow more than about 450 ml. to be there. When you pee, are you straining your abdominal muscles to void (valsalva), or actually using your bladder muscle? Urodynamics would show this. Straining may be dangerous as it can generate high pressures, and over the long term can also make you more vulnerable to complications such as rectal prolapse.

    Are you in a turtle shell (Kydex type TLSO)? If so, you should still be able to get into the pool wearing this. Where are you going to rehab? Is this inpatient or outpatient rehab you are talking about??


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    I did 3wks rehab inpatient at the hospital. Pt wanted to put the leg braces on then but the surgeon said no. Now I'm waiting to go to outpatient at the hospital when my turtle shell comes off. I do pt at home for now but its not the same. Trying to keep my head in the game but I'm going crazy. I live alone and today diahrea kicked in for the 2nd time since I've been home. Between peeing and pooping everywhere its a lot to deal with. Need those braces bad, I can't live like this. The surgeon told my fam and friends the day of my surgery I'd never walk again but after 2 weeks of rehab the nuerologist (head of the rehab) told me I'd be walking by summer. And way before then with braces and crutches. Told me not to bother buying hand controls for my pickup truck too. Why is he so confident? Because I don't see it and for a very determined Exxon, I'm feeling weak and scared today.

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    My body kicks out at about 400ml on its own and leaves 300ml in my bladder. I have tlso on and suppose to come off tomorrow. The only rehab I've been to is at hospital (no pool). Going back to hospital rehab outpatient soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris74 View Post
    I'm 2 months post injury and am still missing all of my sacral segments. Is it possible for them or at least some of them to still come back? I can move my hips, front of my thighs and knees but not my ankles or toes. Can't even feel my feet. I can tell when I have to pee but can't hold it and when I go its only around 100ml. Does having this much this early mean I might get more?
    I'm 16 months post injury (L2 burst fracture), and my left leg didn't really move at all for the first month and a half. Here's my sacral return:

    Pushing my left foot down came at about four months, and it has been getting gradually stronger ever since.

    Pulling my left foot up came at about six months. It's still very weak, but it's good enough for me to walk medium distances without a brace.

    Ejaculation came back at like ten months.

    Pooping is much easier fifteen months post injury than it was five months post injury. I probably stopped doing a bowel program full time at six weeks, but it was touch and go for quite a few months after that so I feel like a lot of that return was later.

    I still can't pee. I really miss doing that.

    Nothing is back to 100% but on most of these counts I've gone from like 10% to about 80% and all of that return came after two months. So it can definitely happen, and for the time being it doesn't hurt to hope.

    Good luck
    L2 incomplete with a pretty bad limp since 10/31/2011.

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    Excellent news thank you.

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    I had a t12 burst a little over 10 years ago. Had alot of the same things you have going on now. the good part is you can move your legs and with enough time and work sounds like you should be able to walk. Just NEVER give up!!!! I did out patient rehab for like 6 months after getting home and things do take time!!! I still can't hold my pee but can tell when i have too which was something I couldn't do right after I lost it. In time you can probably progress to wearing a mans pad, I've done it for years now. I learned to walk back in rehab but it takes time!!!! just can't walk very far and it feels like I walk on broken glass but at least I can walk some. You just learn to live with what you have. I"m sure that back in my old threads you can find a T12 thread, might help you.
    any questions you want to ask PLEASE feel free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Now my penis went from working good in the beginning except for not feeling it, to ejaculation before it even gets hard. This crap just keeps gettin better and better!! Toughest injury EVER...

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    Thanks Duge

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    It is possible to regain some sensation and/or function up to one year post injury. It depends on how you spinal cord was damaged also. Stay on top of your neurogenic bowel and bladder management as mentioned by KLD above.


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