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Thread: t12 bone burst and terrified

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    Daisy is right. This is the place to come with your issues. We have been through the same stuff more or less. I have found no better resource than this forum for information.

    I quibble with people here sometimes but the folks on this forum know so much about spinal cord injury. Either through personal experience or from many years working with SCI's.

    I remember being two months in and seriously wondering what was going to become of me. Anything I can do to help the next guy. We all feel that way. You will too.

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    Thanks bro. Well I got my second wind and am keeping these legs burnt up!! Got a new living rm bike right in front of my cerwin vegas!! Workin to death. Go get evaluated and scheduled for rehab tomorrow and I'm stoked. Back in this!! Gettin up soon. Plus a friend of mine came over earlier, its been bout a month since his last visit, and he bout fell over when he seen my legs move. Lol he got teary eyed and so I guess I really am pushing forward. Hard to see sometimes but I gotta stay focused. No one can piss on this determination!!!(pantera)

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    Screwed some slippers to the pedals so my feet would quit slipping off. Haha whatever it takes...

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    Glad to hear that your up and working out. Riding a bike is a great way to keep your legs working. My feet used to fall off so I did something similar to what you are doing. But now I ride my trike with my old strapless peddles. This is a great way for me to go for a "walk" with the wife. Of course if I go for a long ride I take the hand cycle. Keep working those legs, and way to get creative.
    T12L1 Incomplete Still here This is the place to be 58 years old

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    Nice bike man!! I mean trike lol. Started back to rehab today and it feels good to be back. AND the therapist told me the backs of my thighs were firing which I didn't know along with my hip abductors? So I'm super stoked about that!! Gonna be focusing on those for awhile. Of course I shit my pants up there which really sucks!! I got the notice in my belly but had nowhere to go. I sure hope I get b&b back sometime. Overall tho it was nice to be standing...

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    I have a very similar injury. It will take a while for your bowel and bladder stuff to get "settled down." For me, it was about two years. For the first two, UTIs were common. Plenty of pants-$#itting. My quads and hip adductors are rated as a "5" (full strength). Hamstrings about a 3. I have sensation but no movement below my knees. I stand a lot, but I use a wheelchair to get from A to B. If you're anything like me, you'll find that trying to be a full-time walker can be a lot of strain. It also makes B&B accidents far more likely. I much prefer to take the chair. However, when working in my shop, I will stand for hours. I can move heavy stuff on a pallet jack. My legs are strong, but I just have no balance. I even have a dirt bike that I am setting up with an electric shifter. It's only 100cc, so I am able to kick-start it.

    As for return... I've had virtually no return of function since the first six months (coming up on 12 years post). As I mentioned, the bowel and bladder stuff settled down after a while. Now, I never crap my pants. I'll piss in 'em occasionally, but it's usually just when I am not exercising caution (waiting to go when I know I have to.) I have normal sensation for when I have to pee. I just can't control the flow. I've had some return of sensation over the years. Some in my feet/legs, and some in my penis. Sexual function has improved, too.

    Even though you got the turtle shell off, your body will still be "healing" for quite some time. And don't worry about venting here on the board. That stuff needs to come out at some point. For me, I jumped into handcycle riding/racing. I've burned up years of frustration and sorrow on my bikes. It keeps me sane and keeps me strong. You are now on a crazy journey that will filled with all sorts of stuff that you never would've imagined. Remember, it's just a ride.

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    Strangest ride I've ever been on. The highs are high and the lows are low. I was scoring low 4's on my quads and knee flexors. I've never been big on working out especially my legs, I've always been naturally fit from physical jobs. I'm jus gonna chalk this year up and take it for myself. Got alot of work to do cause I'm gonna walk again.

    Its been a month today since I quit takin my meds. Except for the occasional ibuprofin and Xanax. Stiff back and nerve pain its been pretty manageable. I just don't wanna be hooked on narcotics or dumbed down from everyday pills. I feel like I'm numb enough and want to feel everything.

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    Thats what I'm talking about. You got the right attitude Chris. There are highs and lows but when you walk again it will be the biggest high of your life.

    We are actually given a chance to feel triumph few will ever feel. It's a gift.

    We often ask "why me?" when an injury like this occurs. This forum and others like it will force you to ask that question again in regards to your recovery. Why me? Why do I get to walk again?

    It's a gift. You will know what to do with it. I can tell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris74 View Post
    I just don't wanna be hooked on narcotics or dumbed down from everyday pills. I feel like I'm numb enough and want to feel everything.
    EXACTLY. As you age, you are likely to have worse pain just because every muscle and joint may not come back to normal. Those that do will work overtime. It took 15 years before I took prescription Ibuprofen. While I do see others here that need pain relief, you have to do what you feel you can stand and take the least amount possible to sustain a quality of life.

    You can do this!
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    Therapy is going great and its got my head back in the game. More determined as ever at home too. But I can still only pee out 100ml at a time and still leaves 300 in my bladder. No matter how hard I focus or relax, I can't get it to empty. Doesn't seem like I have a flaccid or spastic bladder. Neither one seem to fit my symptoms, jus gonna keep focusing and thinking its trying to wake up...

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