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Thread: t12 bone burst and terrified

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris74 View Post
    Therapy is going great and its got my head back in the game. More determined as ever at home too. But I can still only pee out 100ml at a time and still leaves 300 in my bladder. No matter how hard I focus or relax, I can't get it to empty. Doesn't seem like I have a flaccid or spastic bladder. Neither one seem to fit my symptoms, jus gonna keep focusing and thinking its trying to wake up...

    Took me a while Chris, I had to cath for probably 4-5 months. Everyone is different so don't get discouraged!!!!!!!!! It probably took me like 2 years to get some muscles in the back of my legs to wake up. SCI is a journey that No-one likes to take!!!!!!!!!!

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    Did your bladder do this for a while, and now you can void? Its almost like my bladder is registering its 'empty line' at 300ml. But not spastic. And I don't pee the bed unless I sleep in (8+ hrs)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris74 View Post
    Did your bladder do this for a while, and now you can void? Its almost like my bladder is registering its 'empty line' at 300ml. But not spastic. And I don't pee the bed unless I sleep in (8+ hrs)

    Your bladder is a quirky little thing. I was voiding at 8 weeks but not completely. I had no feeling at all but then I got pressure back sometime in that first year. Does it empty by itself ever? My sphincter which keeps the urine in has never worked normally which is why I do what is called "reflex voiding". They don't like for us to do that now because it is very bad for the bladder. Did they do the sphincter tests in rehab and voiding tests? You should really be getting yourself set up with a good urologist who has seen Spinal Cord Injury patients if you haven't done so already. You will need yearly tests on your bladder for the rest of your life just to protect your kidneys from urine backing up into them.

    I hope you are cathing in that 8 hours because once you injure your kidneys, you can't go back. Pressure is dangerous and you won't even know you have increased bladder pressure enough to damage your kidneys.

    When I empty pressures are abnormal and creating a situation that it could damage my kidneys. You may not feel spasms either. My urologist is staying on my case to resume catheterization but I haven't yet.

    Also I used to be able to go about 6 hours at night but my bladder is worn out and won't let me anymore. Protect your bladder and kidneys as much as possible.
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    No tests yet. My bladder don't get fuller than 400-450ml then I get the 'gotta go feeling and pee out down to 300. When I cath, its ALWAYS 300ml. I reflex void sometimes in the shower but that's it and seem to get quite a bit out but haven't cathed aftrwards to know how much is left.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris74 View Post
    Did your bladder do this for a while, and now you can void? Its almost like my bladder is registering its 'empty line' at 300ml. But not spastic. And I don't pee the bed unless I sleep in (8+ hrs)

    It done some strange things Chris, I really don't remember everything, but it took some time for my body to adjust. I couldn't feel at all right at first when I needed to go an would just piss all over myself, over time you learn some of the new sensations you'll probably have now. Heck it would be great if I could sleep 8 hrs, usually I'm up every two hrs to go my bladder doesn't hold very much at all now. Just do NOT get discouraged man it takes some time!

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    Chris, your determination is evident -- keep up the positive attitude. Try to give yourself a break on the cathing thing -- we all do it and all it takes is an infection. No matter what, don't go back to that damn hospital. I am 14 months post injury after 10 months in the hospital, and the recovery has been miraculous all things considered. keep up the commitment, but give yourself a break once in a while -- this will be a long haul for both of us. I admire the men and women on this board and the messages they share.

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    My bladder has its moments. At times after straining initially it will flow with less effort. But mostly it is a strain and incredibly inefficient to void normally. If I'm at a bar I will piss normally every hour to stay even to avoid accidents then cath when I get home. But mostly I try to cath. Like WSP said, an infection will put you down. Not worth the risk.

    I have issue when I coach and holler instructions from the sidelines. I have started to wear pads. Pretty lame but it beats the alternative which I dealt with before I broke down and admitted I needed nappies. Some times the mental BS is the toughest part.

    Keep killing your recovery and take the BS in stride.

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    Thanks for the replies guys. We're just out here rollin with the punches man. The 10th I was 4mo post injury and HOLY SHIT!! Whata trip this has been. Lookin back, I can see all the obstacles and hoops I've jumped thru and well, I guess we making it.
    I'm bout to get out of this wheelchair y'all. Puting a chair in every room and I'm only gonna use the walker in the house. I gotta get up, no if ands or buts about it. Got 4 months of freaking out built up!!lol
    As far as cathing goes, I do it when I wake up and before I go to bed. Sometimes once throughout the day but I drink a lot a flush out my system daily. Consequently, I'm pissing small amounts often and its good and clear. Think I should cath more? I pay attention to my body and monitor what comes out of me and I feel this works for me. Or do think I'm asking for a uti?
    Other than that, its full speed ahead!! 4mos post injury and still not much below the knee. All I know is that I'll have what I do got ready for when those ankles do wake up. We got the light on for em...

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    hi chris74 my husband was recently in a car accident and had a L1 burst and is going through similar things I was wondering if you would email him and chat with him and support each other plz

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    I messaged you and I wouldn't mind at all chattin but if info is what ya need, I prolly won't be much help cause I'm out here just wingin it. I'm coming up on 5mos post injury, when was his accident? We can email or use the phone, I'll help any way I can. I know its hard for both of you. Trust me, i know...

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