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Thread: Question about low air flow mattress type topper

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    Question Question about low air flow mattress type topper

    I am T5-7 and my left knee cap has increased downward pressure while sleeping prone. I was wondering if a low flow air mattress might reduce the pressure on this area. Currently sleep on a new sheepskin new mattress and try to position myself with pillows but fail. Would this be a good way to go as it is not too high to roll over onto. (I have shoulder and strength issues) last question which may sound dumb but do you roll onto it and then start the motor to inflate or inflate and then try to position yourself? Thank you.

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    I assume you actually mean a "low air loss mattress" (LAL)??? Are you talking about an overlay, or a full mattress system? Yes, you can reduce interface pressures between bony areas and the mattress by using a higher pressure reducing surface like a LAL mattress vs. a regular mattress, and sheepskin does not do much to reduce pressure (although it is good for reducing friction and sheer).

    I still recommend when possible though that you bridge your knee with pillows or pieces of foam rubber when laying prone, as a LAL mattress does not eliminate pressure. There is no existing mattress that eliminates pressure.

    You can turn off the motor on most LAL mattresses and allow the mattress to go flat for transfers, then turn it back on, but you must have a mattress set up that will give you access to the controls from the bed to do this. Most of these mattress have the motor and controls designed to fit on the foot board of the bed, facing away from the mattress.


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    Question "low air loss mattress

    Med Aire Variable Pressure Pump and Bed Pad as an overlay is what I was looking at. Thank you SCI nurse

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    Overlays will not provide as much pressure reduction as a full mattress. They are also a problem with laying prone as they can easily allow bony areas to "bottom out" and to end up with an area like a bent knee being in full contact with the underlying mattress, and not padded by the overlay at all.


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