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    life controlling bowel

    Help SCI Nurse,

    I've been a c3-4 quad for 30yrs (incomplete). I'm more active than most paras I know. But when it comes to my bowels they control my life and it now is getting worse. I started out in the old days when I was 16 doing the old docolax suppositories ever other day. They could take from 30min to 4 to 5hours. Then I switch to the magic bullet only half. They would normally work in 30 min but I could have after effects up to 3 to 4 hr afterwards. Usually the clear mucus but still a mess. Now I'm using the enemeez, sometimes they work in 5 min great right. But now I can have after effects on these and the next day have accidents. So i tried every day and I thought it was working good but I would have good result in the morning and be going in the afternoon again. So I went back to every other day. I've been drinking at least 72oz (min) of water a day. I take a benefiber tablet morning and night. On the night before my bp I take 2 sennas on the off night I take 1. I may have not made this clear but the old ways I was having a lot of accidents also that why I switch. Now I take 2 sennas the night before drink a can of prune juice the morning of and have good results. Then 2 to 4 or 5 hrs later back in the bathroom. Whether I eat or not. I have no consistency.

    Now I've been reading that senna can cause problems (lazy Bowel) for long term use. Also I have had a colonoscopy 4yrs ago and they removed 5 polps, then 1yr latter 1 polp last year nothing so I'm free for colonoscopys for 5yrs...all polps were free of cancer.

    could The senna be causing my delayed effects. Is that lazy bowel. Like i said I normally get good results in 5 to 15min.

    Its so inconsistent I've been researching colostomys but hate the thought. But when I leave my house now its not where I'm going but can I get home in time or wheres the bathroom and 2min warning isn't enough time

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    Have you seen a GI physician to be evaluated for an obstructive megacolon?

    Have you considered a MACE or ACE procedure?

    A colostomy does not need to be a horrible thing. For many who have been injured a long time it comes an an enormous relief to not have to have a bowel program instead of a life, and to be able to take care of bowel issues in just a few minutes daily without the constant worry about accidents.


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    I was in the same boat till about a year ago. Bowels used to work great, accidents once in a while, which of course was always a mess, but overall it was kinda manageable. Then I had more and more accidents. I tried everything for a year but nothing worked long term.
    Then I got a colostomy and wow what a difference. Now I don't even think about my bowels any more. I eat when and what I want. If it doesn't agree with my stomach it goes in the bag, so what. Change the bag, done. My care giver changes the bag every morning routinely and sometimes in the evening when it's full. It improved my life so drastically that I'm sorry I didn't do it a long time ago. Just my 2 cents.

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    how active can you be with you have to wear a bag all the time or can it be capped and just do it in the morning.........

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    also what about in water/pool

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    I wear the bag all day long. You can be active, swim etc. Don't forget there are a lot of able people who have colostomies.

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