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Thread: Right way to loop out?

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    When I said twisting, I meant just your head, and only then if you can't tuck. You don't want to twist so far that you hit a shoulder, putting one of those out of commission would mean you can't push at all.

    Changing your center of balance before you go up the ramp is the best idea of all. An ounce of prevention and all that. Can you scoot forward just a bit? Or can you keep a weighted bag at the bottom of the ramp to put in you lap when you go up?
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    My reaction is to tuck into a ball, head down, knees up. I tend to wrap my arms around my legs, once in reach, too. I seem to be instinctively more concerned with what's happening with them as I lose control of my chair, than what's behind me. I have caught myself by twisting around, once, with my left arm on the ground, but I was stuck like that, couldn't right myself without finishing the loop and crawling/climbing back into the chair.

    I think the "ounce of prevention" advice is probably the best!

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    Quote= The ramps are not too steep and I am usually fine going up them. This last time I stopped on the ramp, set the brakes, and reached behind me to grab something off of my tool box. Just wasn't thinking! The first time, right after I got home, I had a bad spasm just as I hit the ramp and it made me tip over. Then, the other time I was just goofing off and went off the side of it.

    I guess it's just complacency. Whenever I'm doing something new I'm very careful and take it slow or get someone to spot me. But, cruising around home, I'm distracted or just not paying attention.

    Yep, I think we've all done this stuff. Like IsMasin says, don't reach with your arm, you can dislocate a shoulder. Grabbing the chair lets you shoulders take the hit and holding on keeps your head from whipping back. Check your CG on the chair. I have an old junker for yard and garage work, with the wheels pushed way back, so I can't tip it over.

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